81 Encouraging Christian Songs for Anxiety and Depression

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The Best Encouraging Christian Songs to Boost Your Mood

Are you searching for a playlist of encouraging Christian songs to help you defeat your anxiety and depression? I have taken my personal praise and worship songs list and chosen the best Christian songs to comfort you, calm your racing thoughts, and uplift you especially when you are going through hard times. I have also included videos of some of my own personal favorites that I have meditated on and have helped me work through my own depression and anxiety.

Melt into a positive mindset with praise and worship songs

Several years ago, I began commuting back and forth to work. During my drive, I found myself melting away into such a positive mindset while listening to the radio, it has become one of the most important ways for me to practice self care and to grow spiritually.

Over time, I have gathered a huge collection of encouraging Christian songs for anxiety and depression that I love not only for myself, but for sharing with my clients.

Often times, people with mental illness think and feel their conditions control them. All of the sadness, racing thoughts, anxious moments, fear, worry, anger, irritability, loss of sleep, bad dreams, and a plethora of other emotions control their lives.

There are times when anxiousness, fear, irritability, or sadness just won’t shut off, and they fall into an abyss of hopelessness.

Past traumas, bad relationships, negative life experiences, and life choices can all contribute to a personal’s emotional well being. In addition, they can tear down a person’s spirituality.

Spiritual growth is a huge part of restoring your soul. When I speak of spirituality, I do not mean religion. They are not the same thing. Spirituality is believing in something outside of ourselves and how we view the world around us.

Religion, on the other hand, is more about rules. For me, the thing outside of myself that helps keep me centered happens to be God. God saved my life and without Him, I wouldn’t be here today.

Gain control of your anxiety and depression meditating on music

Mindfulness and meditation are a part of my life that I cannot do without. My car is my war room. I do so much driving for work, that the driver’s side has become my altar, my place to think, my place to cry, and my place to problem solve. According to Psychology Today, listening to music has therapeutic benefits for a variety of mental health conditions.

I have put together this list of encouraging Christian songs for anxiety and depression that are filled with with powerful and uplifting spiritual messages. They will calm your thoughts, help shift your thought process, heal your soul, increase your self confidence, help you realize who you are are, and help pull you out of whatever place it is that you feel stuck.

There is sure to be something in this list that will resonate with you about whatever situation you may be going through in your life. Something in here will encourage you in one way or another.

Worship is a significant part of my walk with God and it has helped pull me through some of the most difficult times in my life. Most are based on scriptures in the Bible, so I have also included some of the scriptures that come to my remembrance when I listen to them.

Praise and Worship Songs to Listen to When You’re Feeling Angry

3Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. 32 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

Ephesians 4:31-32, NKJV

Better – Jessica Reedy

It is so hard sometimes when we feel hurt and angry at the world and the cards we were dealt with in life. I remember listening to this over and over and over and over and feeling so angry, resentful, and I prayed about my anger until I finally just surrendered it all. It was not until I found forgiveness that I was able to let go and find peace.

Different – Micah Taylor

26 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

Matthew 16:26

I remember being at church one day and one of the minister’s wives delivered a message about anger. She had talked about how when we hang on to our anger, it becomes a pattern and keeps us from moving forward. When she had played this song, I had never forgotten her message that day.

People cannot see the light inside of us if the way we present ourselves is the opposite. It takes time to shed our old selves. In other words, when we make the decision to make changes in ourselves and our lives, it is a process. But, if we have the desire to change, we can. Matthew 6:33 says “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness Randall these things will be added unto you.”

Whenever I feel myself getting angry, I remember that He tells us to love others, forgive one another, and that when people us to forgive them, we need to. It is difficult showing love to others when they hurt us, but in time, it becomes easier. If you struggle with being angry towards other people, this is a good song to listen to.

Encouraging worship songs about healing

You’re Gonna Be Okay – Jenn Johnson

There is a story in the Bible about a man who had was healed at the pool of Bethesda. He had been laying in his infirmity for 38 years. As he lay there, he watched everyone pass him, get to the pool, and be healed. But, he didn’t think he could make it because he couldn’t walk. Every so often an angel came to stir up the water. It was during that time that people who made it to the pool were healed.

Jesus told the man to pick up his bed and walk. He also asked him, “do you want to be made well?”

It is so difficult when you have depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Life experiences and traumas have left you feeling crippled to the point where you do not think you can walk or that you will ever be healed. But, there is hope. Jesus is waiting for you. All you have to do is take the first step. Just put one foot in front of the other, have faith, and believe. You are going to make it. You will.

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Tell Your Heart to Beat Again – Danny Gokey

The first time I had ever heard this song, I couldn’t help but break down crying. I was at a place in my life where I was tired, hopeless, and there was nothing but darkness. There were things going on around me in my family and was just tired. I had anxiety, depression, and when I heard this song, it was as if he was singing this directly to me. I kept this one on rotation for about 2 months. The message is clear. We do not live in our past and although our past makes us feel hopeless at times, we can literally look at our past, say goodbye, and shut the door. God gives is the ability to speak life into our hearts and bring us back to life. His word is that powerful.

Waymaker – The Pentecostals of Alexandria

This song reminds me all the time of who God is. And there is no greater hope than knowing that no matter what, God keeps his promises, He never changes, and He makes the impossible possible.

Kierra Sheard and Tasha Cobbs – Something Has to Break

Oh my goodness. Kierra and Tasha outdid themselves. The recorded this song during quarantine and needing things to break is something every single person in the world can relate to. During challenging and difficult times, having faith and believing God will do what He says He will is the ultimate fight against the enemy of the world, and the enemy of your soul.

Whatever it is you are up against, whatever you have been praying for, and when you have reached your breaking point, activate your faith and know that it is already done. Give Him all you’ve got. Whether it be physical sickness, mental illness, relationships, family problems, friend problems, work problems, there is no problem too big for our God.

Songs to encourage you when you feel alone

What Love is This – Kari Jobe

16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16, NKJV

This beautiful song by the anointed Kari Jobe and her angelic voice, reminds us that we are never alone. Jesus died on the cross for us so that we don’t have to. He loves us that much. When everyone lets us down, He stays the same. His love never changes. If we think about the scars on His hands, it is difficult to imagine that anyone could love us that much that He would suffer the way He did for us.

As you express your gratitude and confess to Him His love is enough for you, I promise you will feel His arms wrap themselves around you.

No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus – Steffany Gretzinger

Ohhh, I cannot get through this song with a dry eye. Steffany Gretzinger sings about her love for Jesus extending for a lifetime. It’s as if she has been searching for her joy all of her life and finally has found it in Jesus. There is a part in the song when she sings about the most important thing to her is passing on in life and being remembered for her love in Jesus. For me, this tugs my heartstrings and makes me reflect upon my life and how grateful I am for all He has done. When things are at their worst, and when we think we are alone, His love never fails. There is no hug in life that could compare to His.

Uplifting Christian songs about strength and our purpose

When we are in our darkest places, it is difficult for see or realize our purpose. The lies the enemy tells us is that we are unworthy of love and that our lives are insignificant. The enemy also uses our mistakes against us and tells us to live in shame. But, God doesn’t see us that way. He forgives us, has mercy on us, and His grace alone is sufficient. He has a purpose for each and every one of us, even when we feel we are nothing.

These following songs are ones I will belt out with conviction when I find myself feeling lost and when no one believes in me. I cannot sing, but God doesn’t care. He hears me and He will hear you, too. It is amazing how when you believe and sing out positivity, how much you will believe in yourself and no longer worry about others’ opinions of you.

God doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves. During your worship, I promise if you close your eyes, remember His promise for us, and draw close to Him, you will feel a strength you never knew you had.

It is the power of the Holy Spirit.

Something Out of Nothing – Jessica Reedy

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

2 Corinthians 5:17

It is difficult when we feel judged by others at times. We can all say, “I don’t care what others think of me.” However, that isn’t really true. Most of the time when we say that, it is our way of coping and stuffing our true feelings inside of us. It can become our way of coping and hardening ourselves to the outside world. But, the truth is, it hurts at times and what happens when we are alone is very different from what we allow the world to see. Sometimes when others judge us, we are reminded of our past, even when we have overcome it. No matter how we see ourselves, and no matter how the world sees us, God sees us as a masterpiece.

You Say – Lauren Daigle

I just cannot get tired of this song. It resonates with me so much because there are so many times I have fallen into this place of telling myself I am just not enough. However, those are only lies that I tell myself. And it truly does become a fight because I know it isn’t true, and those voices are so loud and overpowering. God’s voice steps in when I sing that part that says “remind once again just who I am because I need to know” and quiets the negative self-talk. I think self-doubt and self-confidence are all things we can relate to from time to time. All we have to do is call on Him and He will be here in an instant.

Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship

12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.

John 1:12

Have you ever felt as if you didn’t fit in? Maybe at times have been excluded from things or lacked self confidence? Well, we are children of God. And we DO have a place right here in His house. We are ALWAYS welcome. In fact, He is waiting for us with open arms. As children of God, we belong here. Often times we put our faith in people hoping we will find our sense of belonging and, just as often, we are disappointed and let down. But God is always for us, not against us. We are children of the Highest King. We are, therefore, FREE, and are not slaves of the world. I forget that sometimes. When I listen to this song, it is usually when someone has said or done something that hurt my feelings, and I fight my way through it by reminding myself of who GOD says I am.

Savannah McKee – Mirror

I am not sure how I came across this song. But this is one I have listened to a million and one times. There have been times when I have walked away from my relationship with God because I just wanted to do what I wanted. I think about how many times I have said, “nothing or no one could come between God and me” only to find myself in that position.

After about the third, fourth, or fifth time, it starts to feel shameful. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. We all lose our way sometimes. But, no matter how we may feel about ourselves for things we have done, God is waiting for us with open arms. Savanna sings, “how could you still love me, after all I’ve done.

All I want is to be back into your loving arms. I heard you whisper child come home, cause I want to set you free, you want me to see what you see.” He really does change our reflection in the mirror when we see ourselves through His eyes instead of our own. He is so forgiving and no matter what we do, His love is completely unconditional.

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New Wine – Hillsong Worship

37 And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine will burst the wineskins and be spilled, and the wineskins will be ruined. 38 But new wine must be put into new wineskins, and both are preserved. 39 And no one, having drunk old wine, [b]immediately desires new; for he says, ‘The old is better.’ 

Luke 5:37-39

I remember when I first took my exam for my LPC license and failed it. I had studied so hard. I procrastinated for so long, and had to wait 3 months to take it again. I didn’t study the second time around. I heard this song a million times before and I really hadn’t paid much attention to it. However, on the day I had to retake my exam, it popped up on the radio while driving to the testing site.

I just started crying. I pulled up in front of the testing building and belted this out in prayer. I was at a place where life was stagnant, I was stressed, and was tired. I wanted so badly for God to bring out of me whatever it is He had planned for me. I wanted Him to use me so badly. I had let go of so many things that had been weighing me down and burdening me, and change was so important to me. I needed a sign or SOMETHING.

I walked in, took my exam, and passed with flying colors. Since then, my life has been a whirlwind of change.

God took my test for that day.

During the winemaking process, grapes get crushed and pressed so that the juice can come out. It gets collected and put away to age. But you cannot put new wine into old wineskins because they are not strong enough to hold it and they will break.

We cannot do what we are called to do in life until we let go of things in our lives that are hurting us. We all have a purpose, but spiritual growth is about change and we have to still do our part. God cannot use us for His purpose until we let go of the old. Yes, it is a painful process letting go. But, the blessings that follow far outweigh the pain.

The most encouraging Christian songs about fear to help defeat anxiety and depression

No Longer Slaves – Jonathan David and Melissa Helser

1And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. 14 The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”

Exodus 14:13-14. NKJV

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I was going through a difficult time at work for about a year, was subjected to a lot of things, and was forced to suck it up. I remember being on my way to work one day, heard this, and literally broke down.

We don’t have to be slaves to anything or anyone including our own anxious thoughts. God parted the Red Sea for Moses and all of God’s people to walk right through it and be freed.

We are God’s people and our fears are just like the Red Sea; we can walk right through them. Stand up and say with confidence, “I AM A CHILD OF GOD!” That began before you were even born. We have His DNA. His love is perfect love. He didn’t give us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). That fear is coming from another source, and it isn’t God’s source so stand up and fight that fear and remember who you are.

You’ll Always Be – Kim Walker Smith

The first time I listened to this encouraging worship song by Kim Walker Smith, every hair on my body stood up. I was covered in chills. I thought about all of the anxiety and depression I have experienced over the course of my life, and how much God has comforted me and given me peace. When I was alone and afraid, I found myself crying out His name asking Him for peace and comfort. And as soon as all of my tears had fallen, I felt so much lighter.

We give power to our anxiety and depression when we focus on our negative thoughts. When our thoughts race a million miles an hour, or when we lack motivation because we feel so depressed, we can activate our faith and it will destroy that path of destruction. God has a warm, comforting, safe place inside of his arms. He is waiting for us. His love is so unconditional, and His love never changes.

Our fears, worries, and every other negative thought we have about ourselves and about life must bow down to God as soon as we speak His name. They have no power.

Imagine anxiety and depression standing at the feet of our Almighty God. There is no power I can think of even in my wildest imagination that is greater than that.

The best Christian songs about domestic abuse, suicide, fear, shame, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.”

1 John 4:18, NKJV

Fear is a Liar – Zach Williams

Zach Williams wrapped it all up in one song. This is probably the most powerful and encouraging worship songs about anxiety and depression I have ever heard. Not only does he describe the torment of fear and what fear does to us, he tells us how to defeat it. If you are struggling with abusive relationships, sexual abuse, fear, shame, anxiety, depression, or any other torment in your life causing you to feel completely hopeless, I recommend having this on permanent rotation on your playlist.

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Encouraging Christian songs about hope

Hope is the anchor of my soul. It is steadfast, unmoveable. It is unshakeable.

I think of shame as a dark box that contains our feelings about ourselves, our secrets, all of our feelings about our traumas, and our feelings about all of our mistakes. That box gets shoved into a dark closet,and covered up so no one can find it. And though we think it is hidden, we know it is there are and we would do anything to protect it from being found.

Anxiety and depression lead to hopelessness. It is like living inside of that dark box sometimes. The fears, the worries, the emptiness, the shallow lifelessness, the lack of motivation, the irritability, the self loathing, and the lack of self confidence make the world outside of us seem bleak. We feel unloved, forgotten, and frequently misunderstood.

We sometimes think no one knows our pain like we do.

But God knows. Being reminded of His love not only allows us to be embraced inside his loving arms, but it gives us hope to know that no matter what, His love is unconditional and there is none like it. When we believe the world is against is, His love is for us and it is through faith, believing, trusting in Him, and knowing He is who He says He is that will always provide us hope in our darkest days.

Casting Crowns – Love Moved First

Have you ever felt so hopeless that you didn’t think you would ever make it out of the darkness alive?

There is one thing about depression that is like nothing else: everything feels impossible. And sometimes, even listening to God’s voice is the most difficult thing in life.

The darkness of depression is like a black swirling cloud that consumes our minds and our hearts. It is like a black hole in the middle of our hearts that feels dead. I know. I have been there, even as a saved Christian.

And, in my life, one of the deepest places of shame that I have ever expereinced has been living my life as a Christian woman and living with depression.

Some of the hallmarks of depression are isolation, lack of motivation, excessive sadness for days or weeks, feelings of hopelessness, difficulties sleeping, excessive sleeping, difficulties eating (or excessive eating), loss of pleasure in things once enjoyable, anxiety or restlessness, irritability, feelings of helplessness and worthlessness, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts (Source: American Psychiatric Association).

When I couldn’t hear anything at all and the world around me was so confusing, He came for me. He didn’t wait for me to come back to Him. He knows my heart belongs to Him, just as He knows yours belongs to Him.

God has healed me from depression, but it never stops the enemy from telling me lies. And sometimes, I have fallen back. But, He always comes and rescues me

He never leaves us. No matter how dark and hopeless our worlds may seem, His light shines brighter than the darkness if any dungeon we may find ourselves in. He didn’t forget me and His love showed me how His grace and mercy are so real. And He will NOT forget you.

He will come after us the same way any other loving Father would when a child is in trouble. We don’t have to count on others who will leave us in the condition we are in, and when they tell us things like, “just get over it.” Know one knows us when we are at our worst the way He does, and one thing He will NEVER do, is leave us that way.

Jesus suffered on the cross so that we don’t have to. He was beaten, tortured, in a way no human being ever could. I know that there is no depression, no hopeless, no darkness, that could ever compare to His suffering for us. We are rescued by His love, and His love that within is, is our saving grace. His love is our hope.

Koryn Hawthorne – You Still Love Me

I cry when I hear this song because I am so grateful to have a God who can love so unconditionally. Even when i feel shameful for things I have done, I know His love is the same always and forever.

If you have ever walked away from God, or even run away from Him even after all He has done. there is hope. He loves you more than you can imagine. Just close your eyes and let Him take you by your hand. He will pull you out of whatever situation or place you are in. He is a forgiving and loving God and He loves you no matter what.

If She Only Knew – Micah Taylor

I love that Micah Taylor began this song about a woman who is cutting. This is the only worship song that I have ever heard that addresses mental illness so directly. And I have listened to a million songs. He sings about cutting and self-image and the invisibility of mental illness.

Self-harm is an emotional release and a way that some people cope with intense emotional pain. It is important to understand that underneath the surface, there is often significant trauma. There are feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness buried deep within their scars.

This is such an encouraging and uplifting song about shame and one that I think so many women can relate to.

Believe for It – CeCe Winans

I am not sure I have ever heard a more powerful gospel song about hope than Believe for It. CeCe Winans sings about hope not being lost because Jesus IS our hope. His death and being risen from the grave, and the power in His name gives us all the hope we need no matter what bondage we may be in at any given time in our lives. When we speak Jesus’ name, the chains will break. He is who He says He is. When we keep ourselves in prayer, no matter what it is we are going through, His promise is that the storm will always end. In Jesus name, we have the victory. And this includes all of the fears, worries, hurt, and suffering that comes with having mental health conditions. By His stripes we are healed …

Turn it Over – Zach Williams

My hope is give you an encouraging message. I am just really feeling called to do that.

Living with anxiety and depression makes enjoying the moments we are in here and now today challenging. How did I overcome mine? I turned it all over to God. I finally put my hands up, laid myself on the altar, and I poured all of my tears out on to His feet. I surrendered to Him completely and made a decision that what I was doing was not working.

I was tired of living in the past. I had wasted enough of my life worrying about tomorrow, and being sad about the past. I let it go. And when I did, God rescued me. I chose to live my life according to His will instead of my own. I gave up all of my control and got myself in the passenger seat instead of trying to drive a car blindfolded. And, He rescued me.

There is freedom from all the burdens you have been carrying in YOUR life. Turn it over to Him. Surrender all of your sin, shame, pain, anger, resentment, fear to Him. Your hope is waiting for you to come after it. I know in my heart of hearts that if He can heal me, He can bring healing to your life as well. There is no power in the darkness.

This praise and worship list is full of messages that God has hand delivered and behind each one has a testimony, positive message, celebration, prophetic message, or personal story of hope, healing, and deliverance. You are sure to find a powerful revelation buried within that speaks directly to you.

  1. There Was Jesus – Zach Williams and Dolly Parton
  2. Believe for It – CeCe Winans
  3. Never Lost – CeCe Winans
  4. Unraveling – Corey Asbury
  5. Say I Won’t – Mercy Me
  6. Evidence – Josh Baldwin
  7. Moving On – Love and the Outcome
  8. Who You Are to Me – Chris Tomlin and Lady A
  9. Refiner – (feat. Chandler Moore and Steffany Gretzinger) – Maverick City Music 
  10. Run to the Father – Matt Maher
  11. Out of My Hands – Jeremy Camp
  12. Faithful God – I Am They
  13. Patient – Apollo LTD
  14. Freedom – Jesus Culture
  15. Fighting for Me – Riley Clemmons
  16. Bigger – Jekalyn Carr
  17. This is How I Fight My Battles – Upper Room
  18. Silence – Anthony Evans
  19. Do It Again – Elevation Worship
  20. Rattle – Elevation Worship
  21. Thank You – Jonathon Helser
  22. Breathe – Ultimate Call
  23. You Will Win – Jekalyn Carr
  24. The Call – Isabel Davis
  25. What Mercy Did For Me – Crystal Yates and Micah Taylor
  26. Set a Fire – Jesus Culture
  27. Communion Song – Jonathon Stockstill and Bethany Worship
  28. Gracefully Broken – Tasha Cobbs
  29. Waging War – Cece Wynans
  30. The Power of Your Name – Lincoln Brewster
  31. Masterpiece – Danny Gokey
  32. Into Faith I Go – Pat Barrett
  33. I’m Listening – Chris McClarney
  34. Love that Saves- Chris McClarney
  35. Center of Your Love – Jesus Culture
  36. Breathe on Me – Eddie James
  37. I Am – Nicole C Mullen
  38. Inexplicable – Abner Himley (Puerto Rican lyrics)
  39. Cansado Del Camino – Con Letra – Jesus Adrian Romero (Puerto Rican lyrics)
  40. Tu Estas Aqui – Jesus Adrian Romero (Puerto Rican Lyrics)
  41. Confia – Abner Himley
  42. Carried the Cross – Deitrick Hadden
  43. Your Way – Anthony Evans
  44. 1 on 1 – Zacardi Cortez
  45. Here – Tasha Cobbs
  46. I Won’t Go Back – William McDowell
  47. Forever – Kari Jobe
  48. This is a Move – Tasha Cobbs and Brandon Lake
  49. With Everything – Hillsong
  50. Never Be the Same – Shana Wilson and Tasha Cobbs
  51. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding – Leon Timbo
  52. Jacob’s Song – Briana Babineaux
  53. Belong to You – Here Be Lions
  54. Won’t Stop Now – Brandon Lake
  55. Free – Kierra Sheard
  56. Who I’m Meant to Be – Anthem Lights
  57. Give Me Jesus – Danny Gokey
  58. Take Me to the King – Tamela Mann
  59. Speak – Bethany Music
  60. I’ll Find You – Lecrae ft Tori Kelly
  61. Deep End – Lecrae
  62. You Keep Hope Alive – Mandisa and Jon Reddick
  63. Seventh Day Slumber – Eternity
  64. Good – Branan Murphy
  65. Intercession – Tasha Cobbs
  66. I Lift My Eyes – Mack Brock

I hope you find this list of encouraging Christian songs helpful for you and calm your anxiety and improve your moods. I would love to hear your testimony !

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Encouraging Christian Songs Playlist

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Although God’s hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year, He also has put people in place to help Him. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Your life is too valuable and there is a purpose for you here.

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10 thoughts on “81 Encouraging Christian Songs for Anxiety and Depression”

  1. I am more of a Christian hip hop and rock guy. I’ve been to countless Lecrae and Newsboys concerts. Even got to meet Michael Tait (current lead singer of the Newsboys) on a VIP pass once. Despite this, I love myself some worship songs to cool my nerves and worries.

    My favorite worship singer is Chris Tomlin (I’ve seen him in concert, too). I don’t know if you have heard David Crowder Band’s song ‘How He Loves’, but this is a wonderful, heartfelt song I listen to when I am feeling unworthy of God’s love.

    Thank you for sharing this playlist and I look forward to seeing more inspirational posts from you in the near future.

    1. nancy.richardson

      I like Lecrae, but more so after I listened to his story. I also saw Chris Tomlin in concert – it was pretty awesome. Not a fan of Dave Crowder Band. I am going to check out How He Loves. I have so many in my playlist I didn’t even get them all on here. I will probably be adding to it 🙂 Thanks for checking it out! Hope there are some things on there for you that you find inspirational for you.

  2. This is a great post. I love this list. Tell your heart to beat again got me through a very difficult time in my life and I recall sharing it with a friend when she was going through a rough time as well. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. nancy.richardson

      It definitely got me through a difficult time. There is a video of the song that has the story behind it. He had talked about a surgeon who had spoke to a patient during surgery and I think they had done all that they could do. And so the surgeon had told his patient to tell her heart to beat again, and if my memory serves me correctly, it did. And so I never forget that when I am going through something heartbreaking. Danny’s wife died, and he wrote this song because that is what he had to do was to tell his heart to beat again. I am so glad you found something in here that you can relate to. Best wishes <3

  3. Thank you for these songs. My best friend has a really serious depression and mental problems. I decided to use songs to make her feel better, and maybe even stop her problems. She needs to trust Christ as her Savior, and this is the perfect way to do that. Thank you very much for these songs.

    1. This touches my heart so much. I suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. But God truly has healed me. He communicates with me through music and EVERY song on my playlist has a story behind it for me. I truly believe there will be some message in here somewhere that will touch her soul. I do …. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers. He is a good God and with Him, nothing is impossible.

  4. Great songs! I just wrote a post on mood boosting worshipping songs, so I thought I’d check out your list which I found on DuckDuckGo. I love so many songs on your list, and I found a few I haven’t heard yet that I’m going to check out. Thanks for sharing this with us! If you’d like to, I’d love to have you come share your wonderful posts on our link parties on LifeasaLEOWife.com. Happiness is Homemade is open Sundays thru Thursdays, & Crafty Creators is open Thursdays thru Mondays. We have many Christian readers who would benefit from this!
    Much love in Christ sister!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO (law enforcement officer) Wife

    1. nancy.richardson

      Thank you so much. I am happy to hear that you found songs on here that you enjoy and love. Worship music definitely helps shift our moods. Best wishes to you.

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