Your Creative Sanctuary: A Journey of Artful Self-Discovery

Your Refuge Journals

Step into your creative sanctuary. With my guidance, the world of art becomes a pathway to profound self-discovery. Immerse yourself in mindful exploration as you navigate the depths of your inner landscape, fostering personal growth through artistic expression.

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Welcome to Your Refuge Journals

I am so happy that you are here! At Your Refuge Journals, my mission is to self-empower women to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and joy through art journaling.

I believe that the act of creating art, regardless of artistic skill, holds the power to bring happiness and self-fulfillment.

By providing a nurturing space that welcomes all levels of creativity, I enable women to explore their inner world and embrace their unique essence.

Your Voice Matters
Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story deserves to be heard. It is through our stories of how we have overcome our challenges that we can inspire others, and to begin breaking through the stigma barriers.

I love stories, and I would love to hear yours. Lets begin changing the narrative from “what is wrong with you” to “what happened to you?” If you would like to share your story to be published on Your Refuge Journals, click the button below.
Between the pages of our journals is a visual of our lives. It is where we write our secrets, our dreams, our celebrations, where we discover ourselves, where we organize our lives, and where we can organize our minds.

Journaling is an essential part of supporting our mental health. Your Refuge Journals supports and provides all the things you need to maximize your mental wellness.
Your Life Matters
Your Freedom Matters

We all struggle with life at times. And it is during those times, we feel we are in bondage and need to break free. We do not have to do this alone, and we don’t always have the resources we need. Sometimes we need a little inspiration, hope, and encouragement.

Our weekly newsletter has devotions, journal prompts, creative journaling ideas, and inspirational thoughts and stories. If you are a beginner at journaling and don’t know where to get started, I can help you get started. I would love to hear your story, and help you design an individualized journaling practice that is best suited for YOU.

New to ART Journaling?

Let's Get Started

Learn all my best tips, tricks and my favorite supplies to use if you are new to journaling!

Nancy Richardson Journaling Coach (Instagram Post)

Hi, I'm Nancy...

Who am I? I am Nancy the doodler, the Hope Dealer, the encourager, the journal junkie, and the mental health warrior behind it all. But, I don’t do it all alone. I am a faith driven woman and my heart is full of hope and God is here to lead me every step of the way. I struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life, until I found God who put all my broken pieces back together again. I have been journaling since I was a little girl whether it be to write poetry, stories, or all of my secrets. Just like you, my journal was my refuge and it still is today.

I had no idea that I would spend the second half of my life helping people with mental health challenges find their voices, their lives, and their freedom with a simple dot grid notebook. Me.. the once homeless single mother on welfare turned college graduate and mental health and addictions therapist. And it all began with a small notebook and pen ……

Your Community

Belonging and acceptance within communities is necessary for our mental health. It is necessary for us to have that in order for us to grow. Your Refuge Journals is that community for you. We can laugh, we can cry, we can have fun, but most of all can grow to become everything we were designed to be. And we don’t have to do it alone. We are all warriors. We can break these chains together.

PACK, Passionate Advocates Contributing Knowledge, is a team of powerful mental health and addiction advocates inspiring, encouraging, and dealing hope to anyone struggling with everyday life struggles such as stress, self care, self confidence, mental illness, addiction, and are ready and prepared to equip you with the armor you need to be the true warrior you are. We offer free weekly mental health and journal support groups via Zoom, and a free private Facebook group.

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