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About Trinity’s Hope, LLC and what I can do for your anxiety, depression, and spiritual growth

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Are you wondering about who we are and what we do? Do you struggle calming anxiety or improving your mood or are you seeking ways to improve your spirituality? You have come to the right place.

Although I am a therapist and have been for 15 years, I have struggled with my own mental health issues, particularly depression and anxiety. People often think that because we are counselors that we always have it together and can do therapy on ourselves. That is not true. We are human beings who struggle just like you.

My hope for you is that you walk away from here feeling encouraged, and also with some useful tools that you can use to manage your mental health, your addiction, or both. My goal is to not only bring awareness to what it is like for people living with mental illness, but for people who struggle living with it to know they are not alone.

What will you find at Trinity’s Hope, LLC for your mental health

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What I can give you:

  • Useful information and tools you can use to improve your mood
  • Hand designed journals
  • Tips and tools you can use to relieve your anxiety and calm your racing thoughts
  • Personal stories you can relate to that will give you hope
  • Information and resources to improve your spirituality, increase your faith in God
  • A safe place for you to come and seek solace when you are in need of comfort
  • Self-improvement and self-help information
  • Resources for you to use on your own at home such as journals, and articles that contain a plethora of self-help items
  • Information about how to use journaling and mindfulness to effectively reduce your anxiety and improve your mood
  • Encouragement to see a therapist
  • Information you can use to get the help you need if you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues including suicidal ideation. ALWAYS CONTACT 9-1-1 if you or someone you know is verbalizing suicide. Verbalizing suicide is NEVER to be taken lightly or as attention-seeking.
  • Genuineness and honesty
  • Some good laughs,
  • But … most of all, something to carry with you for your Journey of Hope.

What I cannot give you:

  • Therapy
  • Any promises that the information I provide is going to “cure” your anxiety, depression, or any other mental health disorder
  • Professional advice
  • Perfection. I am a perfectionist in recovery and have to take care of myself. Part of that is vulnerability. I will never say or even pretend that I am perfect.

Meet Nancy and Trinity
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the writer


I have my Master’s degree in Adult Education with Human Services Counseling from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville, and a BS in Psychology from Upper Iowa University.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor. I currently do intensive in-home therapy for children and their families.
I have been an addictions counselor since 2005, and a dual diagnosis therapist since 2015. During my career, I worked very closely with the opioid population.

Some of my work includes writing grants, increasing access to medication-assisted treatment, improving treatment protocols, and improving quality of care.

While working on these projects and while working with my clients, I discovered my purpose in her life. Sometimes people call me “The Hope Dealer” because I have made it my personal mission in life to never let anyone walk away from a conversation without some kind of hope.

the inspiration


Trinity (aka Trinny, Trinny Poo or Princess Trinny) is my 7-year-old granddaughter who is my inspiration for Trinity’s Hope, LLC.

When Trinity was about 4 years old, I had to step in to help take care of her because her home life was pretty rough. My daughter was a victim of domestic violence and life, in general, was a struggle.

During that trying time, Trinity and I began attending church together and we developed a very close bond. God used the circumstances in Trinny’s life to give us the hope we needed at that time in our lives.

This hope was the driving force behind the next 4 years of my career. And it all began with a very special little girl.
It only seemed fitting that when it came time to name my business, it be named after Trinity, thus the name, Trinity’s Hope.

When she is not in school learning Spanish and other fun things, she is driving her mother and me crazy. Trinity is funny, smart, and very tell it like it is child. She loves watching Play-Doh on YouTube, dancing, coloring, and playing.

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