Dear Daddy, Why Did You Leave Me?|Journal Entry 5

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dear daddy letter with rainbow

Dear Daddy,

I am writing you this letter because I didn’t want you to miss me too much. I want to put it an envelope and give it to my mommy to mail it to you, but I don’t know your address. I guess maybe I will just hang on to it. Don’t worry, Daddy. We will see each other again soon. It will be okay.

We haven’t talked to each other since Father’s Day but I think by accident the phone hung up. We must have had a bad connection.

But, don’t worry, Daddy. I didn’t cry. I know you will call me back. It was just an accident.

I have been so excited to talk to you! I get up in the morning, got dressed for school, and when school is over I come home and I waited for the phone to ring. It rant but you didn’t call me.

But, don’t worry, Daddy. I didn’t cry.

I am doing good in school

I have so many exciting things to tell you. I am doing really good in school. I am getting straight A’s. I can’t wait to tell you about how good I have been in school. I haven’t even gotten in trouble this year. I can’t wait for you to call me so I can tell you all about it. I heard the phone ring so I ran to answer it, but it wasn’t you.

But don’t worry, Daddy, I didn’t cry. I know you are probably working really hard like mommy does.

Mommy and me play at the park

Me and mommy have been having a lot of fun playing at the park. I remember when you and I used to play at the park, too. I remember when we used to walk to the store and you would buy my hot Cheetos and then we would go swing. And you would push me on the swings. You are so funny, Daddy.

But, don’t worry, Daddy. Mommy pushes me on the swings and she is funny, too. I know you will call me so that I can tell you all about it.

I am a big girl now

I got a new bike. It is pink and pretty with a bell. And guess what, Daddy ? My mommy helped me and now I can ride without training wheels! You will be so proud of me! I am a big girl now!

Don’t worry, Daddy. I have a LOT of pictures to show you and you can keep them. I know you probably miss me.

You missed my birthday

Mommy told me that you told her you got me a birthday present and that you were coming to my birthday. I waited for the mail to come but my present isn’t here yet and it has been a really long time. How come you didn’t come to my birthday ?

It’s okay, Daddy. I am a big girl now and I wont cry. How come you haven’t called me ?

I don’t know why mommy doesn’t want to talk about you. She said that you told her that you were going to buy me my very own phone special just so that you can call me. I can’t wait to talk to you Daddy.

Don’t cry, Daddy. I know you love me.

You promised me

You called me ! I am soooooo excited that we are going to go on a big boat together ! That sounds like so much fun! Nana said you’re not telling me the truth but I told her you PROMISED.

It’s okay, Daddy. I know you are telling the truth.

You missed Christmas

Mommy told me that you told her you got me Christmas presents and that you were sending them to me. I was so excited to open my presents. I had a whole bunch at my Nana’s house. I opened them all but I didn’t find the one you gave me.

I was sad, Daddy. But, I am a big girl now so I didn’t cry.

I like rainbows and unicorns and play-doh. They make me happy again.

I told a lady at school, though, that I was kind of sad. She used to talk to me every Wednesday and we played games and she was really nice. She told me that it was okay to say that I was angry. I feel angry sometimes.

Daddy, where are you? I really miss you. Don’t you remember when I was little and mommy went to work and you took care of me ? Mommy takes really good care of me. I promise. Ill be good girl. I promise.

My feelings

I wish that I was little again when we got to see each other everyday and we would laugh and play game and stuff. Mommy plays with me a lot. I know I am supposed to be a big girl but I get scared when mommy is gone too long. I get really nervous sometimes. But I talk to God sometimes and it makes me feel better. Or sometimes I dance and since.

I was really scared when you hurt mommy.

But now I am angry. Mommy told me that you called Nana and asked to see me. How come you didn’t call me, Daddy? Mommy told me she had to talk to me. We have conversations. She told me that my presents aren’t coming because you didn’t send them. I don’t think mommy is scared of you anymore.

I know that I am a big girl, but I cried because I am really sad. I waited for a really long time.

I know that you are mad at mommy but, Daddy, why did you leave me ?


Your daughter

PS: Please write back soon

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  • Domestic Violence Shelter
  • Health and Human Services (county)
  • Local child advocacy programs
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  • Child Protective Services
  • YWCA

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7 thoughts on “Dear Daddy, Why Did You Leave Me?|Journal Entry 5”

  1. This was beautifully written and sad but real reflection of what goes on in many, many homes across the world. Thank you for this post!

  2. Wow, this was powerful to read. It’s sad that this is the truth for many children nowadays. Thank you for bringing this to light in a creative, moving way!

    1. nancy.richardson

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Yes, I agree that it is heartbreaking. This one was personal for me. I am appreciative for your comment.

    1. nancy.richardson

      Awww … I am sorry it made you cry. It is a very difficult thing for children to go through. I hope that your experience wasn’t too painful for you and that you were able to move on with a functional life. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts with me.

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